Parents shouldn’t worry about how much money it would cost to help their children overcome their academic gaps.

EduPartners was founded under the concept of "affordability" to make education accessible to all. Because our children deserve it!

W hen a child struggles to read, write, or communicate, there must be root causes not identifiable at sight that hinder academic achievement. As Literacy Specialists and Learning Therapists, we find such root causes and provide a comprehensive language-based intervention combined with neurodevelopment to promote literacy acquisition.
Small-group classes for school-age students offered at our Cypress, TX location.
For one-on-one instruction, we go to you anywhere in the Northwest Houston area!
We serve zip codes 77449, 77084, 77095, 77433, 77429, 77070, 77065, and 77377 south of SH 99.
Our classes have a duration of 60 minutes during the school year and 90 minutes during the summer.
$50 off on diagnostic evaluation for a limited time!
Homeschooled students welcome!
CALL US NOW and let your child take advantage of our highly effective interventions!
Homework Club available for K-8 students.

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W e know and understand the demands of our state’s accountability system.
Take advantage of our cost-effective intervention services and let us do what we do best: close the achievement gap of students in need!


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  • Viviana Guzman
    Mrs. Flores is a wonderful teacher and tutor to my children.  My children have high opinion of her teaching skills and we have seen great results in their education.  My oldest son has been practicing for weeks for his STAAR test with Mrs. Flores and he has gained so much confidence in himself.  Thanks to Mrs. Flores my children read more without me having to push them to grab a book and they come home with chapter books from the library to read.  Mrs. Flores is extremely organized and very dedicated to her work.  She was able to develop a strong rapport almost immediately with my children.  Mrs. Flores is always ready to tutor my children with a smile and a kind word. I’m so thankful I met Mrs. Flores and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor for his or her child.
    Viviana Guzman
  • Mindy Peper
    When you enter her room while she is in front of students her room is magical! Her love for reading and writing can’t help but motivate and engage her students.  When I enter she does not even notice I am in there because she is so focused on instruction through storytelling, conversations and role playing.  I find myself getting lost in her lessons and lose track of time, but I would not change it for anything.  The experience I have as an adult listening to her teach is incredible; I can only imagine the power it has for her students… She truly believes in “No Child Left Behind” … Her delivery of instruction shows her expertise in teaching, and her passion to help all children learn and be successful…In my 18 years as an educator, Carmen Flores is top notch! She is more than qualified!
    Mindy Peper
    Principal, Waller ISD
  • Jeff Carrus
    Mrs. Flores is very skilled in her delivery of intervention and our students who went to her for intense reading intervention showed tremendous growth… I had a couple of 2nd grade students who were far behind grade level and lost their confidence in reading who we sent to Mrs. Flores.  She worked hard with them and they went from being non-readers to 2nd grade readers in 6 months and they gained a love for reading and confidence in the process….I have observed many intense reading interventions and motivating conversations in Mrs. Flores’s classroom.  She has a true passion for learning and willingness to push herself to better her students. She truly made a difference in many of our students’ lives and they continue to thrive due to that impact she had on them.
    Jeff Carrus
    Assistant Principal, Katy ISD
  • Irais Trevino
    I had the opportunity to work in Mrs. Flores’ classroom helping with reading and writing preparation for the state test in 2009.  I closely observed and learned how she empowers, teaches and makes her students learn no matter what it takes.  She makes her students learn in a fun and loving way.  I’ve never met a teacher so passionate for her work like her! Now that she started her own private practice, I’ve referred some of my students to her… In September of 2016, I noticed that one of my students couldn’t read or write at all.  He looked sad, isolated, and overwhelmed with all the learning that was taking place in the classroom…  As a teacher, I did everything in my power to assist him.  He started to see a reading interventionist every day, but I didn’t see any improvement whatsoever…Then Mrs. Flores came to mind.  She assessed this child and found out that he was dyslexic.  He immediately started intensive tutoring with Mrs. Flores, and I can’t say enough about his progress in just six weeks he has been receiving that specific intervention.  He gained a reading level after one month of tutoring with Mrs. Flores which is the rate of progress any student without major deficiencies has.  This child couldn’t read, and now he is so confident and eager to take risks… My student is motivated, responsible, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a child shine the way he does.
    Irais Trevino
    Teacher, Waller ISD
  • Maritza Brown
    I have had the pleasure to work with Carmen the past year.  She is an exceptionally motivated and talented teacher.  As partners, we worked day by day together designing and implementing effective instruction and strategies to fulfill the needs of our diverse population of students.  Her ability to connect with our students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior… As a team member, her support, flexibility, and ideas helped the entire grade level achieve our goals and exceed in our state standardized tests.  Carmen’s charismatic personality and enjoyable presence make working with her a great experience.
    Maritza Brown
    Teacher, Waller ISD
  • Adriana Sullivan
    Carmen and I have known each other since 2009.  We were both on the same team of teachers at an elementary school in Houston, and I can’t say enough about the impact she has made in the lives she has touched.  She is very caring, and her warm and nurturing personality makes her build relationships with students and their families very quickly. She always looks at all the possibilities for student intervention. I’ve learned so much from Carmen throughout the years, and I’m sure every child she sees for intervention is getting the greatest benefits.
    Adriana Sullivan
    Teacher, Midland ISD