Ahead of the Game! Enrichment Program
(for students entering grades 1-8)

This program was created for children to review and practice previously learned concepts and skills and build a strong foundation in preparation for the following school year. Our students have fun while they learn and engage in a variety of projects and activities that foster their creativity. This program reinforces word decoding and reading fluency.
We have designed a summer enrichment program that can be adapted to any family's busy summer schedule and provides embedded reading tutoring to students in need. Because we understand the academic needs of our children and the limited budget of many families we serve, we strive to provide accessible, high-quality education that sets the stage for the academic success of our students.

Instruction in this program includes:

  • initial phonics and comprehension assessment to identify the reading proficiency of the student
  • reading tutoring in phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading fluency if needed (grades 1-8 )
  • reading tutoring in reading comprehension skills, strategies, and processes if needed (grades 2-8)
  • Listen, Think, and Remember for memory and attention (grades 1-8)
  • book talks and novel studies with hands-on activities, projects, book reports, and written reflections
  • spelling practice (most common misspelled words)
  • sight words review and practice if needed (grades 1-3)
  • overview of written expression at a sentence (grades 1-8), paragraph (grades 1-8), and composition level (grades 2-8)
  • foundations of composition development for students entering 4th grade (narrative on the first month and expository on the second)
  • visual and auditory processing skills for students with reading difficulties in phonics or comprehension
  • word finding skills
  • listening comprehension
  • oral expression development
  • social-emotional development activities
  • study/learning methods: highlighting, chunking, getting main ideas of texts, important vs. unimportant details, summarizing, making connections and predictions, note-taking, visual representation of information.
  • cognitive training for memory, attention, reasoning skills, and processing speed
  • Brain Integration Therapy for brain-and-body connection

For any of our summer enrichment programs, parents can choose to enroll their child for 4 or 8 weeks and 2 or 3 classes per week of 90 minutes each. Our weekly rates for one-on-one sessions are: $120 for 2 classes per week and $180 for 3 classes per week.
Classes are available at the child’s designated location on days and times previously agreed by the interventionist and the parents, or at our office in the Cypress/Fairfield area from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM in either one-on-one or small-group modality. Small groups can have maximum 5 students.
Weekly rates per student for small-group classes of 90 minutes each are:
For 2 sessions per week: $104 with two children and $90 with three or more children
For 3 sessions per week: $156 with two children and $135 with three or more children
Summer-program registration fee is: $60 per child, $110 for two siblings, and $150 for three. We offer a 10% tuition discount for two siblings and a 15% discount for three or more siblings receiving our services.
In addition, parents will need to buy all books and materials required in the program. Please contact us for more information.
Our rates include the interventionist’s most basic expenses like mileage within a 12-mile radius, snacks, and some school supplies and student incentives. However, a $15-monthly fee is charged for copy and paper expenses.
The first two classes will be focused on language and literacy assessment of the child in order to determine his or her readiness level and identify specific needs. Then, an instructional package will be customized with the assessment results. There are no additional costs for initial evaluation in any of our summer enrichment programs.
Please call us at least two weeks before your child’s desired start date. That way we can ensure that we have all the necessary materials to provide an effective service since day one.
For more information about payment schedule and methods, purchases, and session rescheduling, please read the “How We Do It” section on the “Families” page, or contact us.