“Focus on Literacy” Intervention Curriculum (grades k-5)

For those schools or educators that have a limited availability of summer school resources including access to copy machines, or those who need extra materials for summer school instruction and or intervention, we have compiled a comprehensive bundle of different resources available on the market for integrated literacy instruction and small-group intervention. Sequential lesson plans have been carefully designed for a daily 45-minute language arts instructional block and extra resources, lesson plans, materials, student menus, and literacy centers have been added for an effective 30-minute small-group intervention block.
We have literacy bundles ready for each grade level from Kindergarten through 5th that cover listening and speaking, phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing with integrated academic talking activities. Our curriculum has been adjusted to a 3-week or 4-week summer-school program and is aligned with the TEKS.
25 student copies for each whole-class and small-group activity are available for an additional cost.
More information regarding bundle components and prices coming up in April.