Who We Can Serve

Our interventionists address issues related to:
  • language-based learning deficiencies that include:
    1. Dyslexia
    2. reading difficulties (decoding, fluency, or reading comprehension) and
    3. writing difficulties (handwriting, spelling, grammar, or written expression)
  • language comprehension/oral expression deficits
  • memory, attention, and concentration deficits
  • visual and/or auditory processing deficits
  • visual-motor integration deficits (eye-hand coordination)
  • poor organizational, study, and self-regulation skills
  • poor motivation and self-esteem
  • school and test anxiety
  • academic underachievement in Reading and/or Language Arts
Our literacy intervention sessions during the school year are scheduled two or three days per week for 60 minutes each, depending on the service being offered. Summer Enrichment Programs have 90-minute classes two, three, or four days per week, depending on the program.
Scheduling frequent sessions each week has a positive effect on outcomes rather than spreading the same number of sessions over a longer period of time. Educational intervention on a more intensive schedule allows the student to experience success at a faster rate which leads to positive beliefs about learning and enhances motivation.

Enrollment Process

1st Step:
After the initial phone consultation with the parent, a formal assessment session is scheduled in order to identify language and literacy skills that need to be targeted on the intervention. Our main location for testing is our office in the Cypress/Fairfield area; however, our Assessment Specialist can travel to the student’s residency in certain situations which is decided on a case-by-case basis.

This initial assessment for school-age students has a duration of approximately 5 hours plus a short clinician-parent interview, and it has a cost of $300. Diagnostic assessment for preschool students has a duration of 1.5 to 2 hours with an additional clinician-parent interview, and it has a cost of $140. Please note that mileage is billed separately when applicable.

Students who bring a formal psychoeducational evaluation from their school or a certified professional will have their formal assessment with us waived. On that case, the interventionist will administer a few informal literacy inventories on the first session to determine the readiness level of the child and identify the starting point of the intervention. This assessment will have the same cost of an hourly session which is $40 for individual students.
2nd Step:
After a customized literacy intervention program has been made for the child, class sessions will take place either in small groups of students at our Cypress/Fairfield office, or one-on-one at the student’s designated location.
Intervention materials must be purchased separately before the child begins receiving our services. Please contact us for more information.
3rd Step:
The intervention program will be given two or three days per week depending on the kind of program in which the student is enrolled and the severity of his/her academic needs.
Tuition payments for in-home services are deducted from automatic credit card drafts the first and third Monday of the month. We accept cash or check payments for all services rendered at our Cypress/Fairfield office which are charged on a weekly basis.
Student Progress Reports are e-mailed to parents every 7 weeks.
We are a literacy development and intervention company with the purpose of closing academic gaps and promoting academic achievement in students. Therefore, our educational services are therapeutic in nature including our STAAR-Prep. sessions. Learning skills develop over time as our interventions take place, and we monitor the student’s progress as he or she masters such skills.

Because every child learns differently, our programs don’t have a specific duration. The academic level of the student determine how long the intervention program will be offered. In most of our programs, students with mild deficiencies see our interventionists for 5 to 6 months while students with more severe difficulties take about 10 to 12 months to show the expected progress. Our Academic Language Therapy program for students with dyslexia and related disorders have a duration of approximately 3 years, depending on the child’s progress shown during the intervention.


We charge $40 per session for individual students. Small-group sessions are offered at our location in the Cypress/Fairfield area for an even more affordable service. Rates per session for each student are $35 with two children and $30 with three to five children. The maximum number of students in a group per session is 5.
Our rates include the interventionist’s most basic expenses like mileage within a 12-mile radius, snacks, and some school supplies and student incentives. However, a $15-monthly fee is charged for copy and paper expenses for each student.
Our firm does not charge a registration fee on any of our Literacy Intervention Programs due to the initial evaluation the child undergoes. Such evaluation and the purchase of intervention materials are the only requirements for enrollment in most of our long-term programs.
We offer a 10% tuition discount for two siblings and a 15% discount for three or more siblings receiving our services.
We want to take this opportunity to inform all of our prospective clients that our services are a 100% educational; therefore, they are not subject to any kind of insurance coverage. However, we provide assistance on financing options if needed.