Phonics Intervention Program
(grades 3-8)

This program is designed for older students who need practice in decoding words and reading with fluency.
Upon initial evaluation, a Student Intervention Plan (SIP) is customized based on his or her identified needs and goals. This intervention will start at the child’s readiness level and gradually increase in difficulty until the student reaches the expected level of reading and spelling proficiency.

Instruction in this program includes most or all of the following components based on the assessment results:

  • auditory processing skills
  • visual processing skills
  • listening comprehension
  • oral expression development
  • phonological awareness skills
  • phonics-based reading instruction
  • reading fluency practice
  • social-emotional development activities
  • cognitive training for memory, attention, reasoning skills, and processing speed
  • basics of executive function coaching
  • word finding skills
  • spelling practice
  • study skills and executive function coaching
  • Brain Integration Therapy for brain-and-body connection
Due to our tight schedule, we offer small-group intervention sessions for this program twice a week for 60 minutes each at our Cypress/Fairfield location. However, we encourage parents to schedule one-on-one sessions three times per week to allow the student to make progress within the estimated time frame. Single-student sessions are held at the child’s designated place only.
Our Phonics Intervention program has an approximate duration of 5 to 6 months for students with mild deficiencies and 7 to 9 months for students with more severe struggles. Thus, exiting the program in either one-on-one or small-group sessions will depend on individual progress and the readiness level achieved.