Private Schools, After-School Program Providers, and Other Educational Organizations

We are eager to team up with private educational organizations and bring hope to families in need! Our highly qualified interventionists provide specialized small-group language and literacy intervention at the school location upon request. Services can be rendered during the day or after school for one semester, one school year including summer, or just during the summer months.
We want to make this service accessible to parents who are looking for affordable, yet specialized professional assistance, or those with busy work schedules who find it difficult to take their child to an educational service provider.
Our rates are $40 for one-on-one sessions, $35 per child for a semi-private class, and $30 per child in a group of 3 or more students. This rate includes the interventionist’s most basic expenses like mileage and some educational supplies and student incentives. However, a $15-monthly fee is charged for copy and paper expenses for each student.
Due to the high number of students in schools or afterschool providers, school administrators determine the number of students per group.
Each session may have a duration of 45 to 60 minutes depending on the school's rules and schedule.
A discount of 10% applies to two siblings and 15% to three or more siblings receiving our services.
** No minimum number of students required. We go to the school’s facility for one child, a small group, or several groups of students. **
Please note that it takes us about 4 to 5 weeks to start rendering our services once the agreement between the school and our firm has been made.
For more information about our services, please read the "Intervention Programs" section.


For all intervention programs except Study Skills/Executive Functions Coaching and STAAR Preparation, every child will undergo individual assessment for the first two sessions in order to identify needs and determine academic readiness in literacy. The cost of this initial assessment is $120 and must be paid at the time of registration. In addition, parents are required to buy all materials needed for the intervention before the child begins receiving our services. There are no other registration costs.
Student progress reports will be delivered every 7 weeks, and the children will be dismissed from the intervention program depending on individual progress and the readiness level achieved.
** We want to take this opportunity to inform all of our prospective clients that our services are 100% educational; therefore, they are not subject to any kind of insurance coverage. However, we provide assistance on financing options if needed.**
Increase your potential of attracting more students to your school or center by offering specialized educational services that bring results! Feel the joy of seeing a child succeed and a parent smile with eternal gratitude…because they deserve it! Please contact us for more information.