Reading and Writing Camps for
STAAR Preparation

We have developed engaging student camps that provide the scaffold children need to understand, manage, and integrate key components of the reading and writing process.

Our student-camp topics are as follows:

"Getting the Hang of Expository Writing (grades 3 and 4)"
Games and learning activities will enhance expository writing from the organization, progression, and development of ideas to grammar rules, mechanics, and sentence variety that will be embedded to refine lifelong writing skills. Students will also learn revising and editing guidelines along with test-taking strategies on STAAR-formatted questions.
"Put on Your Thinking C.A.P.S. for Reading Comprehension (grades 3-5 and 6-8)"
Students will understand complex texts, recall information, and analyze reading selections through the use of comprehension and retrieval skills, metacognitive strategies, and integrated thought processes to be able to respond to literal and inferential questions. Practice opportunities on STAAR-formatted passages will be provided.
"Crunch-Time Writing Lab: Expository (grades 4 and 7)"
coming up in 2019-2020
Students will navigate through the writing process of expository essay from introduction to conclusion. Structures of expository writing, thesis statements, released sample analysis, and revising and editing guidelines will be covered as well as originality traits and pitfalls to avoid for students to increase their chances of obtaining advanced scores on their Writing STAAR test.
"Crunch-Time Reading Lab (grades 3-5 and 6-8 including test re-takers)"
coming up in 2019-2020
Children will be able to integrate reading comprehension skills, metacognitive strategies, and thought processes on STAAR-formatted selections using C.A.P.S. as a test-taking tool. Students who are reading below level will make use of practical strategies to understand the material they will read on the Reading STAAR test and answer literal and inferential questions effectively. A review of the most essential reading comprehension skills across genres will be done to enhance test-taking competence.

Student-Camp Cost

The cost of any of our student camps is $18 per student which includes materials and mileage within the Harris county limits. Shipping costs of the materials are billed separately.
Our camps have a duration of approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. However, in order to keep the students focused and engaged, we recommend not to exceed 100 children per camp. If more than 100 students, we split the grade level in two groups and conduct morning and afternoon sessions of about 3 hours each. A minimum of 60 students is required.
Please note that we charge per number of students participating in the camp, not the number of hours we spend at the school. For example, a student camp session of 100 students has the same cost than a morning and afternoon session with 60 students each.