Small-Group Intervention Services

We understand the challenges that summer school brings regarding the availability of staff and resources and know that, despite inconveniences, the students who are behind academically need to be served for greater performance and school accountability. In our effort to facilitate intervention to students in need, we provide instructional services for small groups of students either in pull-out or push-in modalities.

Our service consists of:

  • Initial consultation via phone, Skype, or face-to-face (if needed)
  • Diagnostic language and literacy assessments to individual students administered by our interventionist(s)
  • Small-group literacy interventions led by our interventionist(s)
  • Students’ progress-monitoring assessment and documentation
  • Student progress reporting to school administrators and teachers

We provide K-8 interventions in phonics instruction and reading fluency for beginning and struggling readers, reading comprehension, Dyslexia intervention, and STAAR preparation in Reading and Writing for grades 3-8. Please read the "Intervention Programs" section for more details.
** The school principal determines if our reading and/or writing intervention resources or those of the school will be used. However, our interventionist(s) still need(s) to use our reproducible materials to cover the rest of the intervention components. If the school resources are not going to be used, intervention materials must be purchased separately based on school needs. **
** Due to the high number of students with intervention needs, school administrators determine the number of students per group. **

Rates for This Service

Initial consultation: $90 for one hour and $160 for two (if applicable)
Hourly rate per interventionist: $40 – not including intervention resources
** Due to the shorter summer school schedule in many school districts, we require at least 4 hours of instructional service per day, excluding lunch, Monday through Thursday (with holiday exceptions). **
We provide as many interventionists as needed.
Please note that it takes us about 4 to 5 weeks to start rendering our services once the agreement between the school and our firm has been made.