Study Skills and Executive Functions
Coaching Program (grades 2-12)

This program is designed for students who need guidance on approaches for effective learning, time management, starting and completing assignments, self-regulation, and motivational skills for a very-much desired academic achievement.
There is no initial student evaluation for this program, only an interview with parents and the student to seek input regarding the child’s struggles and set goals for the intervention. This interview has the same rate as any of our one-on-one intervention sessions which is $40.

Lessons in this program include the following components:

  • metacognitive strategies for increased listening comprehension
  • oral expression development
  • executive function coaching: attention, inhibition and emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory awareness and strategies, self-monitoring, task initiation habits, planning and organization, time management
  • the right study environment (obstacles to concentration, lighting/lay out, study plan, storage system, etc.)
  • study/learning methods: highlighting, chunking, getting main ideas of texts, important vs. unimportant details, summarizing, making connections and predictions, note-taking, visual representation of information, memory aides, etc.
  • basic grammar introduction and practice
  • foundations of written expression at the sentence, paragraph, and composition level
  • reading comprehension at the word, sentence, paragraph, and text level
  • skills, strategies, and processes in reading comprehension
  • social-emotional development activities
  • cognitive training for memory, attention, reasoning skills, and processing speed
  • Brain Integration Therapy for brain-and-body connection
This intervention program is highly personalized due to the unique academic and emotional needs of every student. Therefore, we only provide one-on-one sessions to better serve our coaching purposes. These sessions are offered 2 days per week either at the student’s designated location or our office in the Cypress/Fairfield area. The entire program has an approximate duration of 7 to 9 months.