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I am Carmen Flores, born and raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and resident in the United States for almost two decades. My dad has always been a business owner, and I, the oldest child of three, entered the field with a B.S. in Economics with the desire to help him build a legacy without knowing that my destiny would change soon after graduation. A couple of months later, I received a godsend phone call where I was told about the shortage of bilingual teachers in the state of Texas. I always wanted to be a social worker and make an impact in social systems. That day, my dream came true. I got married shortly after and moved to Houston to start a new life working for a school district as an elementary bilingual teacher. It has been many years, and my passion and commitment towards children, families, teachers, and the community at large grow each day. I have served as an Instructional Specialist on the last few years, and my expertise in the area of literacy and academic language development has not only helped many children read and write but also increased their love for learning and their sense of achievement and pride.


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My Greatest Inspiration

A few years ago, I met the most loving and caring person on earth, Master Cau Chin. His wisdom and tender nature pulled me into Buddhism, a spiritual path that has brought so much balance, love, and peace to my life. Inspired by his work with the Asian and Hispanic communities in Houston, I decided to take on a journey of emotional and spiritual growth and made this my mission, not only for myself but for others as well. Our true happiness lies in sharing and giving. When we know that our work has the power to transform people’s lives for the better, we know that we are doing our job. Because there is more to life than just a paycheck or a work routine. Our sense of fulfillment in life comes when we give. It doesn’t require investment, and the reward is limitless.

The same way I discovered my sense of meaning and purpose, I want to help you and your loved ones discover yours.

I am committed to human development and well-being in all its dimensions:  physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual/academic, occupational, and environmental.  I will help you and your family attain holistic wellness with coaching sessions, mentoring, webinars, videos, and a specific action plan that we will create together based on your needs, interests, and goals.  I will monitor your progress as you develop your inner strength and potential, and we will walk side-by-side until steady balance and a deep sense of well-being has been reached.

The happiness and achievement of you and your family is my top priority.  Together we can, together we will!


Carmen Flores, M.Ed.


I will help you discover yourself, find your purpose, and attain balance and holistic well-being through coaching sessions, mentoring, webinars, videos, meditations, and specific plans that will help you connect with your true self. Give yourself the opportunity to dive into a healthy life style and a feeling of permanent bliss.

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