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Connect with Carmen

Q&A live session on YouTube every Thursday from 8:00 to 9:00 PM CST.

Live YouTube session on a specific wellness-related topic every Tuesday from 8:00 to 9:00 PM CST

“Chat with Carmen” every Saturday from 9:30 to 10:10 AM. Start date coming up.

Live Webinar Coming Soon


I am Carmen Flores, born and raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and resident in the United States for almost two decades….


Human Development and Wellness Coach

I will help you discover yourself, find your purpose, and attain balance and holistic well-being through coaching sessions, mentoring, webinars, videos, meditations, and specific plans that will help you connect with your true self. Give yourself the opportunity to dive into a healthy life style and a feeling of permanent bliss.

Parent Academic Coaching Sessions

These sessions consist of the identification and educational intervention of underdeveloped cognitive skills that affect academic performance.

Mentoring Round Table

Highly interactive group where we openly share and discuss deep feelings, concerns, needs, and goals as we listen and learn from each other.

Social Skills Classes

Participants learn ways to communicate needs and wants and how to manage emotions in uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

8-12 Year-Old Group

8-12 Year-Old Group
Price: $60 per session
Minimum 5 participants and maximum 20 required

13-17 Year-Old Group

13-17 Year-Old Group
Price: $60 per session
Minimum 5 participants and maximum 20 required

Eight-Week Group Coaching Program

Explore all wellness dimensions, mindful practices, enhanced self-awareness and self-care, career/work environment, relationships, life goals, and spirituality to reach a state of holistic well-being.


Before you explore my services, let me clarify that I am a human development and wellness coach, not a medical provider. My services have been created for guidance and support purposes, not to treat specific conditions. If you are dealing with health or psychological matters, please seek professional help in these areas. The only diagnosis and intervention I provide are aimed towards educational/academic achievement. With that said, I invite you to look at all the different services I provide and find the most suitable one(s) for your needs and wants. Thank you for your interest!


Your questions and concerns are important to me. Please fill out this form, and I will get back with you within 48 business hours. Thank you.