Parent/Tutor Academic Coaching Sessions

Weekly interactive coaching sessions of 60 minutes each for parents and private tutors who provide academic support at home. These sessions consist of the identification and educational intervention of cognitive skills that affect academic performance. Such cognitive skills are: attention; auditory, language, and phonological processing; receptive and expressive language; short-term and long-term memory; fine-motor functions; visual-spatial abilities; temporal-sequential thinking; social-emotional cognition; higher-order thinking; and self-regulation.
Participants will receive guidance for academic planning, instruction, and progress monitoring in math and/or reading, and cognitive skills.

Open Q&A session every Saturday from 8:30 to 9:10 AM. In this session the participants can ask questions about implementation, progress monitoring, or use of any of the resources suggested in the classes. The link will be provided on the first session.

Price: $70 per class (includes weekly Q&A session access)
Minimum 5 participants and maximum 20 required

Duration: 12 weeks

** Parents or tutors who want to discuss about any specific program or curriculum they are already using at home will need to book a one-on-one session of 60 minutes with me which has a cost of $90.  Please fill out the Contact form to request an appointment. **



Parent/Tutor Academic Coaching Sessions

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